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Post by mckay on 31.10.07 17:57

1. If you loose your pass in some really weird manner, contact me from the email you've created your account. I'll mount some sort of rescue mission... eventually.

2. As in real life, there are situations in which you could insult someone and that person could feel "unappreciated". Then we will add a poll to vote: what to do with the person who started it first.

3. You are the onliest person, so you can have only single account with all necessary privileges. If you create more accounts, you'll loose all of them.

4. Do not small talk or send "twin posts".

5. [spammers] will get an extra 5000 messages for free on their emails as a gift of appreciation.

"Don't touch it ... it's difficult, you know. " - Rodney McKay
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