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Opportunities to get promoted Empty Opportunities to get promoted

Post by mckay on 01.11.07 14:03

As long as you log in into the Atlantis City, you will be able to take part in our adventure. There are basically 6 groups inside the city: command staff, support team, engineers, medical staff, linguists and psychologists.

You can fall into the specific group as long as your positive invention in building the city will grow.

As soon I contact you, you'll could choose between:

psychologist - to help me find more staff outside the city and choose anyone inside of it,
linguist - to explore new cultures, languages and create the database from facts, myths and theories,
medical staff - to examine alien organisms, entities and to compose advanced singularities,
engineer - to break technological limits and explore new breakthroughts,
support team - to turn the mess into the order, in the city and reconnaissance missions,
command staff - to boss the rest Wink

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