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Post by mckay on 12.11.07 8:52

Exertis I Exertis1

[start transmission]

We knew, that in few billion years our coexistence with our star will end up, but no one assumed, so soon. First of us set off long time ago, long that we can remember. Some of us stayed, attached to Exertis I, as like to the most precious family member.

Since we've changed star's orbit to the closest, warmest, our world seemed perfect but ...

..we were wrong.

Before we catched sight, Litia began to cave in. Maintaining swift continuous axis motion was more and more difficult, as a matter of fact ineffective.

We've tested escape drones. They failed, despite their rotation and the shields depletion rating.

All our knowledge, experience and efforts.

Our survival ...

[transmission failure]
... it's our last chance.

[end transmission]


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