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Post by mckay on 27.10.07 23:49


Hence the design of the forum was too bright, I've decided to change it right away to some darken design. Still some colors need to be improved, especially the icons and some posting changes have to be made. As time passes the work progresses ...

So, here step by step, what's goin on in the design section:

[2007] september:

    18th - chevron claw,
    20th - chevron locking mechanism,

2007 october:

    04th - chevron lightning (placed on temporary ring)
    06th - sg1 ring without glyphs
    08th - whole sg1 ring
    10th - ring lightning
    15th - planning sg1 base by sketch
    28th - sg1 platform and maybe M.A.L.P.

I've not decided yet, when to design the "kawoosh", maybe when someone sends his ideas or steps or I get angry and do it myself ;D
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