Guess who's wrong about dhd targetting ...

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Guess who's wrong about dhd targetting ... Empty Guess who's wrong about dhd targetting ...

Post by mckay on 23.10.07 7:00

This night I've realized, that the 7 symbols dialing consist of rules, that can't be broken:

- 7th chevron is the dial out origin,
- six starting chevrons specify the destination coordinates,

So, no matter what you do, don't even start thinking, that putting six chevrons in random positions would work. And even when you do so, let's see what happens.

Destination point is made of 3 pairs of chevrons, so there are three possibilities:

- two pairs will connect paralell to each other with 3rd across both of them (your energy will be splitted across the third "across" line),

- there would be no connections possible (your energy will stay in "gate wonderland",
- three lines are crosing each other in the same point (you reach the destination, if you aren't stuck in these two above).

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